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Air Conditioning and Heating

High-Quality Heating & Cooling Services

Let’s face it. Las Vegas summers are brutal. And without a well-functioning AC unit, things can quickly become too hot to handle. We pride ourselves in provide honest, reliable and professional solutions for your AC needs.

Inversly, many people have experienced it when temperatures suddenly drop inside a house or an office building, and they need to turn on the heater. But sometimes the heater does not work. While heating systems are an amazing form of technology, even the best equipment needs maintenance from time to time. This is why we provide high-quality HVAC services to keep your heating and air system in optimal condition. Stella LLC has years of experience in this field and can service a wide variety of makes and models at an affordable rate.

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As seasoned heating and cooling contractors, we have a lot of experience with a different types of AC systems.

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HVAC Repair & Installation Services

Since the early days of air conditioners some 70 years ago, HVAC services have undergone incredible advances. Today, there’s an amazing field of products available, ranging from ACs and boilers to electric heat pumps and indoor air quality systems.

HVAC Installation and Service

One size does not fit all, as every residential or commercial space has its own distinct heating and cooling requirements, and different companies require systems that are sized appropriately to match their needs.

After we’ve helped you find the best HVAC system for your specific needs, our HVAC professionals will get it operating at peak efficiency for you. We make sure every piece of equipment we install meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s requirements, as well as local and state building codes.

We take our service calls for repairs and new installations very seriously, expect us to arrive on time, and ensure that we explain everything to you in advance.

We are here to support you and ensure that you are comfortable!

Air Conditioning and Heating

HVAC Repair and Maintenance for Commercial Spaces


Whether you have a broken heater in the winder and need heat fast, or you have an air conditioner that quits on you in the middle of a hot summer day, we can help. Encountering an issue with your HVAC system is a major inconvenience and can harm your business.

Since we understand how much speed matters when it comes to your HVAC system, our repair team moves fast, getting to your property quickly.

We also offer ongoing maintenance service agreements to make sure your HVAC system works at all times. We’ll routinely check each system and fix any issues we encounter, which is a great way to spot and fix major issues before they manifest.

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