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In the Las Vegas heat, a properly working air conditioning system is absolutely essential. Homes and businesses cannot afford their A/C units going out. In this climate, it’s not only a financial hazard. It’s a health and safety hazard to families, employees, and customers. We’ve seen business closed for days and even whole weekends because of HVAC issues.

There’s no need for that.

At Stella LLC, we take pride in being the most professional and responsive HVAC contractor service in the valley. 24-hour service means your air conditioning service and heating get just what it needs in the moment it needs it. And our rates are very competitive. We make sure that best price and great results go hand in hand.

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Air Conditioning Services Las Vegas
Las Vegas Air Conditioning Service


Rest assured that when you interact with a Stella representative, you’re talking to an HVAC expert. Knowledgable, experienced, factory-trained, and licensed by the state. When you hear us refer to our technicians as specialists, we mean it. Whether we’re dealing with mini split A/C, ductless air conditioners; anything. Stella techs know a lot more about HVAC systems than simply how to fix them. They know the process of converting inefficient, out-of-date heating and air conditioning equipment into efficient, economical components.

Our team is fully equipped to handle:

Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas

HVAC technology has come a come a very long way in the last decade. Modern air conditioning systems are extremely efficient compared to older units. If your home or office building is running an outdated A/C system, you’re throwing money away. The cost of upgrading will pay for itself with cheaper utility bills sooner than you think.

We know that every business and home in the Las Vegas area depends on their air conditioning system working properly. In order yours to stay healthy, it needs regular preventative maintenance. If it doesn’t get it, you’ll spend more money in the long run continually repairing it than you would otherwise. We’ll create a custom preventative maintenance plan for you to keep your HVAC system working great all the time.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair

Our preventative maintenance plans include:

Reach out to us today and we’ll get the ball rolling on what you need done.