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Identifying Hidden Water Leaks Efficiently

Stellanevada specializes in detecting and repairing water leaks. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint the exact source of any water leak and offer a range of repair solutions. Regardless of whether the leak is concealed within your building's structure or hidden behind walls, we have the tools and knowledge to locate and fix it efficiently.

Leak detection services become essential when hidden leaks lead to unexpectedly high water bills. If you observe a surge in your water bill, it's crucial to promptly identify the source of the leak. The Stellanevada team excels in precisely pinpointing leaks, ensuring swift resolution.


Leaks, whether within or outside your home, not only result in increased water bills but also pose a threat of home damage. Take, for instance, a slab leak, where water seeps beneath your home's foundation, potentially permeating through floors. This can lead to significant damage to materials such as carpet, hardwood, and tiles.



We use advanced equipment, such as underground radars and acoustic devices to find hidden leaks that may be inside walls or underground. Suppose the source is within the ground or under a slab (slab leak) by our technician. In that case, the specialist will use specialty equipment with the longest possible inductive locating capability to find the source. The faster the leak is found, the better it is for the customer and their water bill!

Multiple methods exist for detecting hidden water leaks, especially those within your home's foundation. Here, we explore two prevalent techniques.

Firstly, the meter detection method employs a digital device to identify potential leak indicators.

Secondly, infrared technology is utilized, where an infrared camera captures detailed images of pipes, facilitating comprehensive assessment from different angles to swiftly identify any leaks.

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We are leak detection specialists. We can locate & repair any leak inside or outside of your home or office. Contact us at (702) 747-4415 to detect your water leakages.

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